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“Inside every Gook is an American trying to get out...”

                                                                                                                         - Full Metal Jacket

Joseph Warren, Editor

And they’re getting out with Billions of US Dollars in hand.  No one remembers the war with Vietnam, least of all the 58,000 of our dead brothers and sisters in uniform. Not to mention the 2 million or so Vietnamese who died while we - America - were involved in the conflict after the French. Many of us knew it was a bad idea to begin with. Curiously silent these days are those who struggled to convince us that Vietnam was a “Good” idea, and winnable, much like our current president, and his equally ignorant predecessor have built and sustained our involvement in the Middle East.

Civil Wars ought not be our business, yet we repeatedly strive to make them so.

Enter Vietnam and the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement recently thrust upon American workers - what there is left of them, anyway. In a short statement from the Whitehouse, “The head of Vietnam’s Communist Party will meet President Barack Obama in the coming week...” We would add, To further erode our economy to the benefit of global Capitalists who seek to further crush America’s remaining workforce.

Pay attention: In 1997 our first year of negative Trade with Vietnam, we incurred a Deficit of about $101 Million. As of 2014, that Deficit in trade is now more than $2 Billion per month, or more than 24 Billion Dollars per year. And, growing...

Our Trade Deficit is about or somewhat more than $40 Billion with China - Monthly. In other words, from this point forward, unless we change our shopping habits, every year our Trade Deficit with China will approach and eventually exceed One-Half Trillion Dollars. And, that is why fewer Americans are working. Unemployment is not dropping: the number of Americans participating continues to spiral downward. There is a difference. You really need to get your head out of your collective arse, America.