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June 7, 2013
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Incomprehensible America

Germany calls us, “Incomprehensibe”

That was their collective response to our proclamation that they (paraphrased) make too many things and don’t import enough junk from China, Vietnam, India, and other countries around the globe who have saturated and destroyed our economy through Dollar General, Walmart, Target, Cabelas, and other major retailers. Also, Germans apparently don’t buy enough Toyotas and Fords, leaning instead toward BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other automobile marques of similar ilk.

And just as in the 1920s and prior, they are too good at science…proliferating products in advancing technologies.

Thankfully, “Incomprehensible” was used as their stated rebuke. Left to Chancellor Merkel, whose favored use of the word, “Shitstorm” has won my admiration, might have yielded a less tempered retort. Left to me it would have resulted in, “Are we crazy?” The German economic model has done nothing but continue to prop-up the European market for years, decades really.

This is an economic machine that has not only buoyed all of Europe but done so while continuing, to this day, to pay Reparations over the space of the last 90 years amounting to more than several trillions of dollars in today’s money to the victims of those identified within the Guilt Clauses of both the Treaty of Versailles, the Potsdam Conference, and as a result of subsequent – and continuing – agreement between various governments, Jewish organizations, and the state of Israel. For an excellent review of the details, read Richard Edmondson’s essay, Swindler’s List, here.

At present, Germany’s Balance of Trade has dropped somewhat from its prior-year highs, and remains somewhere around 13+ billion Euros monthly, the equivalent of $18 billion (US).

(Let me explain for the benefit of the average American: This means that Germany exports more than they import. That’s good, notwithstanding what you have come to understand from the Globalists running America.)

Our (US) present Balance of Trade for the latest period floats somewhere near -$38,081,000,000 per month. (That’s $38 billion in the Red every month.) Our cumulative debt to China alone is staggering: China holds more than $2 trillion in US debt; the government of China, and many of its citizens, continue to acquire additional US holdings in Real Property and investments; And, of course, we have no manufacturing jobs of any consequence in the US as a result.

Instead we depend on the poorly paid Service Sector employment for growth – jobs at which Chinese goods are sold - or those in the Health Care field - another reason Obama is so adamant about his signature Health Care program: It will create more Service employment, from which true growth and sustainability cannot be derived.

Yet, America marches on blindly and stupidly, ridiculing the German economic model because they are far too successful.

So, when Germany portrays us as Incomprehensible, any fully sentient person might handily agree: We are.

When and how can we make Obama, our Congress, and those directing this country simply go away? Not until the majority of Americans wake up…and that’s not likely to happen. Recall: Half of America is below average, and that average has tumbled steadily in the last few decades.