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June 7, 2013
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Don’t Buy Your New iDrone yet:

iDrone 4 is on the way

Jos. Warren

Recently in the news for their tax practices involving the shifting of revenues from one country to another in order to obviate tax liability in the United States, Apple is only one of the scores of US-International manufacturing concerns to advantage from the complexities of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and more liberal tax laws in, as an example, Ireland.

Many of our larger publicly-held companies do business based both in the United States and abroad simultaneously where they may manufacture products, like Apple in China, or elsewhere where the cost of labor is relatively cheap, while confining engineering and design to stateside operations.

Apple’s iPhone: They’re Great!

For those companies who manufacture Terrorists, like the United States Military along with their well-compensated suppliers, foreign tax safe-havens are an aspect of operations important to maintaining stockholder compensation and interest, too.

Drone makers are today an important component of the US Terrorists Manufacturing Industry (TMI). TMI’s powerful lobbying group consists of companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Atomics, and General Dynamics, to name a few. Here’s a very comprehensive article regarding this industry that appeared on KPBS.

Together these companies comprise the bulk of US manufacturing capability to keep the world supplied in Terrorists, including all future iterations as technology evolves to permit improvements in how Terrorists interface with the United States.

Here’s how this works: Americans (and others) reading Obama’s May 23rd True Confessions broadcast regarding the deaths of US citizens killed by Drone attack will read it as civilians, failing to comprehend that there are thousands, perhaps tens-of-thousands of other citizens of those countries we have Droned who have been killed and crippled by this form of automatonic warfare in every region wherein Drones are deployed.

The simple mathematical reality is that for every one person killed we manufacture maybe 100 more potential Terrorists as a result of being “accidentally” and unmercifully Droned out of a brother, sister, father, mother, and/or child. This is a great return on our manufacturing investment and ensures that we will never run out of opportunities for further advancement in the TMI.

Jumping on potential market-share, General Dynamics has unveiled its new iDrone v.4 pictured below. Intuitive user interface and portability assures it of popularity. Numerous Apps for the typical end user will be available including iHellfire, iSpy, iSeeyou, iKillyou, iLoveamerica, iPhone, and of course, uArefucked.

You’ve Got Mail!

General Dynamics’ iDrone: If it rings, don’t answer!

Editor’s note: Let it be known that The Independent Daily was the first to use the word, Droned as a verb, id est, I Droned, You Droned, He Droned, She Droned, They Droned, and We Droned them into oblivion, thus winning their hearts and minds, because that’s all that was left of them.