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Huzzah! for the House of Commons


That’s the way Democracy is supposed to work. In a news-rattling vote today the British House of Commons, like our US House of Representatives but without the pervasive corruption and greed-driven decision making, nixed the idea of Syrian intervention.

Apparently a majority of Brits decided that inserting themselves into yet another a civil war in the Middle East was not the correct path for their country to take, much to the chagrin of David Cameron, called “cavalier and reckless” by his peers, who has actively advocated for British intervention exhorting, “Once more into the breach...” Here’s the full BBC story.

Rather, like George Noel Gordon, the Sixth Lord Byron (that was from memory, mind you), the House of Commons in its collective vote retorted, "I can recognize any one by the teeth, with whom I have talked. I always watch the lips and mouth: they tell what the tongue and eyes try to conceal."

If Obama, Kerry, and Hagel follow suit, perhaps we might better get on with the business of making America a better place, and let the Syrians decide for themselves, however painful it may be (much like our own American Revolution and Civil War - the first one, not the one starting next month.)