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June 7, 2013
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The Horse’s...

...Mouth, actually. In an article in the Arizona Republic, January 2011, the Republican spokesman, Matt Roberts swore that the Republicans would recapture lost registrants. Of course, in the last two years plus since then, Republicans and Democrats alike have done nothing...and I mean nothing. So, it’s really no wonder that Independent party registration has grown so in Arizona.

We thought we’d ask the Republican machine down in Phoenix what they have to say, so we sent them this communication:

“The following appears in our latest issue (article above, A Rebellion is afoot). My question is, Do you feel or think any less optimistically than you did when your spokesman, Matt Roberts suggested that you would be regaining lost ground in Republican registration? At that time, January 24, 2011, he told the Arizona Republic that the 1,142,602 number of registered Republicans would increase. Today that number is 1,139,154, for a further loss of Republican registration. Independent registration has increased to 1,085,237, by the way.

“We'll publish what you send us without edit.”

Let’s see what they have to say.

Sixty (60) days later and we’re still waiting for Arizona’s Republican Party spokesman, state leader, Secretary...hell, we’ll even take a response from the janitor. But, nothing. Maybe that says it all.