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June 7, 2013
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Minimum Wage: Greed versus Sustenance

GL Hill

And the debate rages on over minimum wage: From Seattle to Wal-Mart to Starbucks to Washington DC, and across the nation. Yet, the most critical, beneficial, and likely outcomes have yet to be brought to the forefront.

Using Wal-Mart as an example, simply because it is a large and obvious target given the infestation of both stores and primarily imported (Chinese) product, in the wake of their expansion over the last several years community-based businesses who once thrived while paying a living wage (and whose profits were driven back into the community) were reduced to ash. Replaced instead with non-American made goods and minimum wage jobs that exploited women and the elderly, effectively reducing those who found employment with them to little more than slaves to an international empire of the Greed-driven progeny of their founder.

$12, $15, $18 per hour? Yes, it will have an effect on the bottom lines of those companies reticent to voluntarily pay their workers a wage that guarantees they may in-turn pay their rent and put food on their collective table, but it also insures that more of the profit from Wal-Mart’s diabolical denationalization of our economic base will find its way back to the towns and cities across our devastated country: a devastation levied by those who place their personal, ravenous need for wealth above the welfare of those who labor for them in America’s new feudal system.

Let them close their doors in retreat! Soon after, those who were crushed under the insatiable malignancy of greed will once again fill the void having found new entrepreneurial opportunities; and should Wal-Mart et al. not fold up their tents the result will be a much more level playing field, pitting Wal-Mart against local retailers and service providers.

Raise the Minimum Wage: It’s not a Job Killer, as those who do Wal-Mart’s bidding would have you think.

It’s a business creator.