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June 7, 2013
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The Guardian


“…The US Center for Constitutional Rights said it appeared to be "the broadest surveillance order to ever have been issued".”

The United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper has exposed our NSA and FBI’s Secret Court Order to Verizon for the release of all customer telephone records.

Under fire for disclosing the document which came to the Guardian through surreptitious channels, in it the National Security Agency makes their incontrovertible request with the direct approval of President Obama et al.

In it: Verizon is required to hand over data "on an ongoing, daily basis" until 19 July; Covers all local and domestic US phone calls, and calls from the US abroad, but not calls made wholly in foreign countries; (Data) to be provided includes telephone numbers, handset identifying numbers, calling cards used and the time and duration of calls; And it, Prohibits disclosure of the order's existence. Oops...too late.

There is no point in further clipping an already well-written story, so read the entire BBC report here.

Also, read Fun and Games with the FBI, below. Then, America, write and tell us if you enjoyed the last episode of American Idol.