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June 7, 2013
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GHW Bush Shares the Pain

While We Carry the Cost


George H. W. Bush has recently shaved his head in an act of solidarity for a two-year-old son of one of his Secret Service entourage. The child has Leukemia. The Reuters’ photo below pictures GHWB with the boy. Our sincerest sympathies to the agent whose son is so afflicted.

The photos and related story begs the question, though:

If we already pay more than $3 million per year to provide the former president with staff, and so on, how much does it also cost to provide a Secret Service detail as extensive as that pictured in the below AP photo? Answer: We’ll never know because that is secret information kept from you by the US Congress. But...

...I count 26 Agents all assigned to GHWB at an annual cost with benefits and retirement at $250,000 per year, not including transportation and per diem for travel, and expenses at whorehouses in Columbia (remember?). That’s a very modest total of $6.5 million more. All in? Probably 15 to 20 million US Dollars per year for every ex-thief so coddled.

When will we rid ourselves of this Republicrat albatross?

Why are you not outraged?