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June 7, 2013
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Farm Bill Promise #1:

You can’t beat our meat

As everyone knows, or ought to know, the Farm Bill, soon to become law once President Obama puts his Barry Soetoro to it, promises to clip $8 billion from Food Stamps over the next decade. But it does much more, directing the course of Agriculture in America through a series of authored changes intended to more closely focus federal involvement.

We’ll be listing out the promises in the next few issues to help the average American, who primarily doesn’t care, better understand the bill’s impact on us all.

Your meat -  and mine - will now, under the bill’s provisions, clearly identify where the animal was birthed, dropped, folded, or hatched, where it was slaughtered (or brutally murdered for our PETA audience), and where it was processed.

Mexico and Canada fought vigorously against this provision, asking that the already included information be excluded as a requirement of the Farm Bill.

Understandable. From a consumer’s perspective, I might tend to shy away from allowing my meat to fall into the hands of Mexico’s houses. I think most consumers might agree: Would you want your meat handled by someone in, say, Subic Bay?

So, as part of our ongoing effort in America to perpetuate the lame and otherwise not-too-bright, Congress insisted on the provision’s inclusion.

In our next issue we’ll identify Promise #2 concerning federally-controlled Crop Insurance whereby the bill will substantially lower the premium placing more of a burden for underwriting potential crop losses on the taxpayer, rather like Obamacare on Opposite Day.