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June 7, 2013
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Pakistan: Explosive Politics


The 2012 General Election in America was largely decided by barely a simple majority of eligible voters: Overall about 57% of those eligible reluctantly trudged to the polls to cast their ballots, with a fairly large percentage completing Absentee ballots far earlier than the official November date.

Blacks in America turned out slightly higher than their White racial counterparts, 66.2% of those eligible to vote versus 64.1%, much to the chagrin of Mr. Romney, and Hispanics fell far below both averaging about 44%. America’s media serving the Black population are self-congratulatory about the numbers.

Some observations:

Recalling the many hardships and struggles associated with capturing the right to vote in America, as recently as only 50 years past, eligible Black voters in America ought to have been at the polls in near 100% turnout.

Hispanics, whose voting ranks are growing steadily upward to a point of potentially controlling election results in many states - and nationally - are disappointing, seemingly abdicating their Democratic responsibility and thus insuring that more bad immigration thinking, as an example, will find its way into law...

White people, too, obviously lack involvement, and through their complacency and laziness guarantee that their vision of America will continue to erode, regardless of how much they blog otherwise.

In Pakistan, the voter turnout in this last election seating Nawaz Sharif, saw scores of people die by bombing attacks and countless others brutally and forever maimed both physically and mentally in the weeks leading up to, and on the day of the election.

The Pakistan electorate queued up by the thousands at polling places throughout the country fully aware and expectant that there was the likelihood for violence and death. They were not disappointed.

Voter turnout? More than 60%.

A truly functional Democracy depends on the involvement of its citizens, leading and directing its government through the people the electorate places in office.

One of the purported reasons for our various military actions in increasing geographies throughout the Middle East and elsewhere is to bring Democracy to regions and countries where the citizenry allegedly have no voice in the direction of their future, and to teach them participatory government. Ironic, isn’t it?