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June 7, 2013
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The Real Enemy of the State

Jack Shepherd

Will Smith, and Gene Hackman are the stars in this Government cover-up gone wrong. With the current scandals, and the public in the USA being told daily why the government needs this power that is usurping the Fourth amendment, it might be a good time to watch a movie that leaked activities thought to be only a movie from Hollywood.


The Citizen’s Band radio in the 1960’s opened a door where the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was not needed on citizen band broadcast for possible prosecutions: They could listen in free of charge. This process was eventually carried over to the cell phone, but your landline phone still had the protection of the fourth amendment. Or did it?


With the race for space and satellites, both private and government, a new spy game was born, and today with Goggle Earth I can watch as you undress while the government uses the same site to fly drones. Hackers - good ones - can write their own tickets for pay by either private or government agencies.


So, George Bush talked us into the Patriot Act as he invaded a country that we now know had nothing to do 9/11/2001, and no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) were recovered. Of all the lives lost, both Iraqi and America,n personal liberties stolen through fear in both countries seem a criminal offense to me.


Marshal Law: We have it at our dams, airports, and points of entering the US. Yet we will not track visas that have expired, nor will we let the cop who handles everything from domestic abuse to rape or murder assist in the federal control of immigration. Hell, we won’t even let the FBI share information with the CIA, and ICE or DEA, along with the ATF who cannot share information with anyone. The IRS could help in all areas, but they won’t.


At this point one has to ask, why did we give up our Constitutional Rights? Data Mining, and the so-called prevention of fifty possible attacks: That’s it? Fifty? The dragnet is so large it will scoop up information on general rants and raves, if you use the words bomb or kill too many times, and if you name someone that you angry at, you might think you’re in France being arrested for hostile acts of a verbal nature.


DNA swaps are now the law. No more rolling by the stop sign or just click it or ticket. Nope: Soon we will have a file for future crimes you just might be thinking about, and your Body Odor will be on file with iris scans: BO Profile.

But border control: No! Follow up on tips from other departments or even countries are not needed when you have a dragnet to protect the American population.


Who is the real enemy of America?