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Joseph Warren, Editor

Thank God the world’s Muslim population have apparently not read and understood World History; particularly that of the American Indian, right? Otherwise Muslims would have long ago set aside their differences, focusing instead on the commonality of their shared faith, and, thus united, changed the course of history. And so it would have been for we “Americans” during our founding years, too.

Tecumseh tried in vain to bring the divergent groups of the indigenous populations together in an united effort to defend their lands from the onslaught of Europeans. Had he of been successful, of course the paradigm of history would have been abruptly changed and although probable that Europeans would occupy some of what we now call the United States, it would likely have been under a much different system of governance.

So it goes for the Muslim: divided and divisive they are unable to mount a consolidated effort to overthrow those who would subject them to tyrannous rule, within and without, and usurp both their control over self-governance and natural resources. It’s the same here in the US: A divided Congress unable to coalesce into a shared (or at least negotiated) vision of America, leaving us to face mounting debt, erratic and variously hegemonic foreign policy practices such as the blatantly inconsistent treatment of China versus Cuba, an Energy policy that may bring about our environmental doom, and the growing threat of the evolution of the Presidency to that of dictator where unilateral decisions are being made outside the provisions of the Constitution.

Division keeps everyone in Power happy. Particularly so when the appearance of equity exists. Ernesto Guevara said that a revolution cannot be brought to a country where elections are believed to be “more or less” fair. So long as we continue to view our system of government as “more or less” fair, no change of a substantial nature will come about. Still, it’s difficult to imagine that the election of George W. Bush in 2000 could possibly be seen by many as a “more or less fair” election given the blatant manipulation and corruption during and following that debacle. And then, how much different would the world be today had all the votes been counted?

It’s possible, not at all, given the profound influences of those who control our government and instill Division within America today. Tecumseh wisely noted that a single twig may break, but a bundle of twigs bound together are strong. An obvious thought, but a seemingly difficult to achieve end.

Tecumseh: Frustrated Indian