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June 7, 2013
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Democrats and Republicans Working Together...(against us)

Nothing ought to ice the blood coursing through your veins more than the recent flagrant cooperation between Democrats and Republicans in a seeming display of cooperation to round-up the budget. Need we remind you that America is where it is today because of the concerted effort of our One Party system designed to advance the wealth of the Wealthy?

Why have they taken this extraordinary measure? Because as in Arizona, a multitude of conscious voters are shifting registration to Independent: Unsatisfied with the business-as-usual practices of Partisanship and seeking to restore America to something other than an economic sinkhole devoid of real opportunity and employment, the only real way to reconstruct our country is to strip the One Part system of majority status. Read Shepherd’s, Big Bucks and Big Money, on this page.

In Arizona that’s happened: Democrat or Republican is now officially outnumbered by Independents. Affiliation with either brings nothing to the table other than suspicion here. Neither party’s candidate brings with him or her a majority of support.

Want to change America? Change registration. Likely, you can accomplish it online. In Arizona, go to In other states visit your Secretary of State’s office.