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June 7, 2013
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Defaulty Thinking


Although it may be surprising to some, Congressional election campaigns are just over the horizon. Soon various candidates from the two primary parties, that are in fact only one, will begin focusing on their re-election to office to further perpetuate our current government.

Right now, per various polls, Congressional Approval rests somewhere between 18% to 22%. Ironically it is we the electorate who are responsible for both the growing abyss and for the commensurate discord permeating Congress, as well as for the resultant lack of forward movement in the halls of government. We cannot lay it off on those we put into office because we put them in office...

Americans are basically a very lazy bunch, unable to muster up the energy and time necessary to study alternative, independent candidates. To ask us to give up some small portion of our 42 hours per week of television viewing time to investigate other worthy candidates of independent thought who foresee a better America is just too painful.

Instead, we rely on those 42 viewing hours to teach us what we must know to make our decisions at the voting booth, if in fact we bother voting at all.

So, from the various networks - cable and otherwise - our minds are inundated with the possibility of only two choices: Democrat or Republican. To consider otherwise is to be thought of as too-far-afield, on-the-fringe, off-the-edge.

This is what the popular media teaches us because they are part of main-stream Default Thinking, too. Their job is to perpetuate the existing machine so that they may be assured of successful results.

Those who control the popular Ink media, like the LA and New York Times have specific agenda they wish to see advanced. It would be uncharacteristic of them to support candidates that perhaps are not clearly in-step with those ideals. Yet they do not control the electorate: Only the electorate’s lock-step obedience to their suggestions ensures their success.

The Independent Daily does not endorse candidates for office. We do, however, provide the tools to research and better understand independents who are seeking various elected offices - people with whose opinions you may largely agree.

As the race for Congressional seats opens we will list those candidates who offer non-default views on today’s critical issues facing America. We won’t tell you for whom to vote, though...

We’ll leave that to the sheepherders Fox, CNN, ABC et al.