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Changing to Independent:

A Rebellion is Afoot

Arizona’s Secretary of State has recently released registration information critically important to our future: “Of the state's 3.2 million voters, 1,139,154 are Republicans (-2,546) and 972,626 are Democrats (-6,545) (while those) commonly known as independent voters, increased from 1,075,334 to 1,085,237.” Read the summary here.

It’s time to make our government work for us.

So, do you want to make an immediate difference in government? Nothing reflects your discontent more egregiously toward the crumbling chthonic Congress than when you change party registration from Republicrat to Independent. In Arizona today, fully 1/3 of registered voters have swung over to Independent registration for very good reasons, and the number is growing every day.

So, if you find the machinations of government today troublesome and, perhaps but not necessarily, poised precariously on the precipice of precipitous pandemonium, and you are a true Arizonan – independent in thought and action – take a very few minutes to visit:

At that link you may change your party affiliation. If you are in another state, your Secretary of State will perhaps have an online method, as well. If you are one of our thousands of readers in Europe or the Other Europe, you have enough going on…

Let’s dispose of politics as usual and bring about some positive change for our children. Register and vote Independent.