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June 7, 2013
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Here we go again: This time, Central African Republic

Once again France has found a reason for us to be actively involved in a conflict on the other side of the world. This time, it’s the Central African Republic (CAR). Although we have been hitherto supporting relief and humanitarian aid in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Chuck Hagel and Obama have decided that we need to have American forces present, as well.

Why is this important to you? Read below...

The average American reader probably has no idea where CAR is situated in this vast globe since few of us can identify the approximate geographic location of the state of Oklahoma. So, let me help: CAR is in the heart of deepest, darkest Africa, as they used to say in the movies.

CAR is surrounded by Chad to the north, South Sudan to the east, Cameroon to the west, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south. Nigeria lies just across the thin border of Cameroon. Interestingly, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is none of those things, being a brutal dictatorship in the hands of Joseph Kabila, their president.

Not far away from CAR lies Mali and Nigeria, two countries currently the beneficiaries of American troops, and of our Drone program under CIA operation, which of course is not includable in our already bloated Defense budget of $600 billion plus.

CAR’s primary trading partner is France. They are also the only non-African presence in CAR until now. France does much business within CAR in the form of Telecommunications and Agricultural equipment. France sells them many billions of dollars of equipment, yet we have been one of the primary financial contributors in the support of French troops and efforts to “control” the civil war between Muslims and Christians, making certain the correct religion emerges victorious.

It is a religious war and a civil war. And, a war based not only on French economics, but ours as well - read on. So, both the documented socialist, French President Hollande, and the undocumented socialist, but controlled by global capitalists, American President Obama have joined efforts once again, just as we did in Mali and Nigeria, to quash an uprising.

From the US Energy Information Administration:

“Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and was the world's fourth leading exporter of LNG in 2012. Despite the relatively large volumes it produces, Nigeria's oil production is hampered by instability and supply disruptions, while the natural gas sector is restricted by the lack of infrastructure to monetize gas that is currently flared (burned off).”

Instability in CAR has and will continue to hamper the efforts of American Oil conglomerates. Nigeria, as you may recall from above, is CAR’s primary neighbor. Read, Nigeria, More Dead Children in this publication. That’s why we’re now sending troops to CAR and why we have Americans and American Drones on the ground and in the air in Mali and Nigeria.

Just another US Government charade. So why should you care?

We are sending several millions of dollars in food aid - billions over the next few years when combined with our already staggeringly high support for neighboring African nations and CAR - while the recently passed Farm Bill, see below, cut billions in food aid to starving Americans; while those on extended Unemployment saw their benefits clipped out from under them; while false Unemployment figures are routinely issued to reflect an absurdly low percentage of Americans out of work, when in actuality nearly one-half of our qualified workforce are not working.

Once dropping off the Unemployment roles, they are no longer unemployed: unable to find any type of Minimum Wage job, since those are primarily taken by PhDs making your next Grande Mocha: They have become non-entities in the eyes of our government.

No matter. You’re probably enjoying a sound sleep and here I am disturbing you...I apologize.