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June 7, 2013
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Congress to Investigate Bogus Unemployment Data

While we at The Independent Daily - Shepherd, Warren, Hill, de la Luna, et al. - have been railing about this quite literally for years, apparently both Congress and the New York Times have decided that there is some validity to the allegation that the present administration has all along manipulated Unemployment data being published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

It’s about time. Once again, read, Forget the Fiscal Cliff: We’ve Been Doomed for Decades, and you’ll learn how badly broken our economy is.

Worse, and something every American needs to consider is that today’s available Labor Force, on which statistical information is based and reported, is about one-half of the actual qualified Labor Force: the rest remain out of work in some nebulous state - disabled or withdrawn from actively seeking work - and therefore BLS has seen fit to exclude the millions and millions who are actually unemployed from the data base.

So, when you read something like, “...there are 11.3 million unemployed today in America...” think, 90 million.

Where are the unemployed? On Social Security Disability. On Welfare. Living in cars. Out on the street. Scratching out a living in the Underground Economy while selling at flea markets and the perennial yard sale.

That’s America today. This journal isn’t fabricated opinion, folks: It is a truthful collection of researched reports describing what is actually occurring right now in our country. Read it and believe.

Besides, as many writers know, the New York Times is the pre-eminent purveyor of plagiarized pontifications. I’m certain they’ve not had an original thought in years. They’re just struggling to stay afloat...