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Blacks Killing Whites...


Ferguson is getting an inordinate amount of news coverage lately and probably for very good reasons. Racial tensions in a country led by a mixed-blood president ought to be at ebb. Yet they are not.

“Blacks have been killing Whites in America disproportionately for years...”

-Bureau of Justice Statistics

This isn’t 1966 any longer, and as a species I would have thought we would have evolved beyond that epoch of American Unrest and lack of civility. My expectations never included Racial homogeneity. Really though, we’re the same knuckle-draggers that we were ten thousand years ago, only dressed nicer, regardless of what Diane Feinstein would like you to think.

What stands out about Ferguson is the intense racial relationship that has been introduced between the cop, a white man, and the dead guy, a black man, from which the bulk of unrest has generated incited by the community’s Black population. Collectively they appear to see the death of Mr. Brown as racially motivated and from this have orchestrated a major disturbance from which more death and injury will result. (The autopsy results seem to point to something akin to a strong hate or fear harbored by the police officer.)

Sadly, and only serving as a confirmation of the stupidity being demonstrated in Ferguson, they are seeking extra-judicial compensation for the death of their community’s member by looting Convenience stores, withdrawing a plastic-bag-filled quid pro quo of Coke, Ding Dongs, Malt Liquor, and whatever else they may stuff into their Bugout Bags.

All of this might cause one to think that the death of one race at the hands of another is unique. Reality paints a much different picture, although it does not negate the nature of the incident nor mitigate any possible guilt on the part of the officer involved. The plain truth is that Blacks have been killing Whites in America disproportionately for years: young blacks that is – 18 to 24 years of age – according to our own Bureau of Justice Statistics, or BJS. You may read the entire report here.

Blacks have been killing White people who are young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural, largely well beyond that which Black people have killed other Black people in primarily drug-related crimes, and far beyond the number of Blacks killed by Whites. That doesn’t make what may have happened in Ferguson right. In fact, it only makes it sadder.

It’s also something today’s Democrats and Republicans don’t want to talk’s like Fight Club. Secretly they may speak of it; or they may allow the passing thought to surface in a darker moment; or they may refuse to read and understand the data, and choose to label anyone who utters the words a “Racist.” And therein lies the problem: Suppressing Hate within does not work. Nurturing Hate does not work. Ignoring Hate does not work. Outlawing Hate is an idiot’s game; the game we’ve been forced to play for decades now thanks to (maybe) well meaning Democrats and confused Republicans.

Nothing strips a family of its cohesion faster than the death of one of its members. Nothing turns loose the dogs of hate quicker than having someone you love taken from you, regardless of how problematic that person was when alive, as a result of (what has the appearance of being) a racially-based murder. Nothing creates more distrust that is likely to carry forward into future generations than the very simple act of someone being killed by a member of another (do not read that as, “Opposing”) race. It’s devastating on so many levels.

As of late there have been a few reports from around our country where the police have been what appears to be “unreasonable” in their treatment of America’s Black population. It’s difficult to justify the taking of a human life under any circumstances: It’s impossible to condone the savage beating of an elderly Black woman by a California Highway Patrol officer. It pushes the envelope of judicial credibility to acquit someone in Florida who shoots and kills an unarmed Black man, or to vindicate a New York cop who strangles an unarmed Black man to death. It’s impossible to justify the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis to extract one ill-tempered leader (who had held all those now-rebellious factions in balance) to move control of Iraq’s vast Oil Fields to Shell and Exxon-Mobil. But it’s what our country – the United States of America - has become.

Killing is how we resolve differences. We have learned this from the very highest authorities whose actions are immune from consequences. This is what we have taught our children – Black and White - through television and film. We’ve glorified murder and blame Guns simultaneously while our leadership feigns vexation by appropriately wringing their hands when on camera.

Through this simple societal manipulation we are held in a state of Division (read Division, below column right). If you think for one minute that anyone in Washington DC grieves the loss of Mr. Brown or cares what happens – either way – to the officer involved, you’re ignorant of the mechanisms used to control the American Masses.

Bush, Obama, just as every predecessor-successor to that office, used and will use opportunities such as Ferguson to expand control and containment. The more we kill one another, the better for those who control us. I can already hear the Department of Homeland Security and police department requisition forms for more drones, improved firearms, and heavier ordnance being typed as this is posted. If you can’t, you’re a fool.