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Beijing Cowardice: Yet Another Reason to Avoid Walmart


Warren-Hill Productions, the people who publish this journal, are not unaware of the rights we possess to write, shoot, edit and release sometimes humorous, sometimes informative, sometimes politically-charged films under the genre of “Independent” and we do not take those rights lightly.

In Beijing, China, the story is a much different one: One of political pressure and the continued suppression of China’s citizens whose aspirations run to the visual media. Bolstering this claim: On its first day of a run anticipated to encompass the balance of August, the government has closed down the Beijing Independent Film Festival (link to BBC article).

Why? Because Xi Jinping has decided that dissension ought not be tolerated, leaving the Chinese with the absolute worst aspects of Capitalism without the rewards appended to a democracy (however blighted ours may be). Out of Fear, Xi Jinping and his co-conspirators have elected to flag the festival as of questionable benefit to the government, seeing it instead as the probable expression of criticism and dissent.

Who knows? Perhaps there were several films supporting State Capitalism slated for showing, in a manner similar to those generated by the government of Kim Jong-un: Merry, dancing peasants surrounded by fields of fluttering rice strewn with recently-manufactured cheap clothing destined for Walmarts here in the States where eager and stupid consumers hungrily gobble up every bit of Chinese-made  junk so that American workers will never find anything more than part-time, Starbucks employment. Remember that every time you buy a Chinese product you are putting money in the pockets of documented oppressors and our likely opponent in the next Global conflict: It’s the only avenue we have available to remove ourselves from the hold China now has on US Debt and Asset Ownership. We’ve done it many times in the past: Declare War. Freeze Assets.

Sounds like a great short documentary to me…Want controversy? Watch our feature film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, here. Hmmm…how many years in prison would we get in China for a similarly entitled, The Abduction and Trial of Xi Jinping?