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June 7, 2013
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Associated Press:

Lying Does Not Change Reality


A May 25, 2013 article by Associated Press writer Tom Raum, who must be on the Obama payroll, describes the vast economic improvements (italics added) realized in the last 18 months through the efforts of one President Obama. He describes how the Republicans are now in fallback position arguing other less salient issues having abandoned railing on Obama for the fiscal collapse occurring during the Bush administration.

Since this journal is neither Democrat nor Republican in slant, perhaps we can shed some light on the hyperbole Mr. Raum elected to supplant for data.

Mr. Raum says that, Republicans had little choice, given that the economy has gained considerable strength over the past 18 months. Today, the federal budget deficit is shrinking rapidly and tax receipts are rising.

The Federal Budget Deficit in fact continues to clock upward toward $17 trillion where at that point every man, woman, and child in America will owe $55,000.00. Use this very informative link to observe, in real-time, the very bad news:

Mr. Raum continued to say; Consumer confidence and spending are up, as are auto and housing sales. Stocks are near all-time highs.

Consumer Confidence is one of the most transient of indicators, falling and rising predicated on the day-to-day manic responses from those who read the disinformation reported through America’s slanted media, such as the AP. If it is up today, tomorrow it will be down, rising and falling with the regimen of an 80-year-old man on Viagra.

Housing is experiencing a rebound bringing asked-for prices back to about a 50 percent recovery of losses sustained in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, Southern California, and some other parts of the nation. Meanwhile, the market remains depressed, and in some cases continues to fall with no respite in sight for states like Florida, Michigan, Illinois, and New York. The data available is plentiful and available through and a plethora of other resources.

While unemployment is at 7.5 percent, it's down from the 10 percent of October 2009. Also, recent job creation in the private sector has been relatively strong.

Job creation has been predominantly in the Services sector, specifically in low-end jobs where anything barely above minimum wage attracts hordes of today’s recent college graduates.

Here’s the bottom line: The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) changed the procedure to eliminate anyone who had elected not to pursue seeking employment in the four weeks prior to the report, or who had not found employment at the expiration of benefits.

As a result: There are currently 183 million Americans who comprise our potential Labor Force. A record 90 million Americans are not participating in the Labor Force who would otherwise be part of Working America. Some receive Disability, some Welfare, some are part of the growing Underground economy scratching out a living at flea markets and yard sales. Some eat out of dumpsters: That’s America today.

One last item: For the Dow Jones Industrial Average to have kept pace with inflation – only – since it began its downward spiral in April 2007, it should have closed at about 15,900. It didn’t. Read, They’re Dollars, Not Points, for a more in-depth analysis in the Archives section of this journal.

Lying is a pastime favored amongst alcoholics. The organization, Alcoholic Anonymous is an effective tool to help the alcoholic overcome both his or her consumption of alcohol and fabrication of reality. Maybe the AP can get a group rate.