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June 7, 2013
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American Idle


According to the US Department of Agriculture, right now in America more than 17 million households across our nation are starving, up by 3 million from just five years before.

The Dow is being regaled by many as nearing an all-time High, yet since 2007 it has not even kept pace with simple inflation (CPI adjusted Dow, 15,859), but has manufactured thousands of new millionaires.

With the Sequestration reduction, the budget for our Department of Defense (DoD) has more than doubled in the past ten years to more than $650 billion, and that does not take into account off-the-books DoD expenditures exceeding $300 billion.

At the very least, 16 million children in America every day do not get enough to eat.

Our Vice-President Joe Biden ran up more than $500,000 in hotel and meal expenses (only for he and his staff) during one week in Paris this past February, which we paid.

Homelessness has reached epidemic proportions with as many as 4 million living in makeshift shelters, if sheltered at all, and millions more distributed in homeless housing facilities.

Our National Debt is rapidly approaching $17 trillion, or $53,000 for every man, woman and child in America.

46.2 million Americans live below the federal poverty line, up by more than 15 million in the past decade.

The Federal Reserve has injected more than $3 trillion in newly printed money into the US economy through its purchases of mortgage-backed and Treasury securities.

The number of the unemployed in America remains above 14 million according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Funding for education continues in 26 of our states to be slashed, while the majority of the rest of the states remains at or below pre-Recession levels.

America’s Department of Defense is offshoring weapons manufacturing to South America.

Our 2012 Trade Deficit with China exceeded $300 billion.

When will you set aside your inane fixation with American Idol and speak out?