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A Letter From John Adams

Editor’s Note: Below is an unedited letter from John Adams, an admitted pseudonym, and apparently from someone hesitant to provide his actual name. We thought he raised some interesting points and elected to publish it as submitted, albeit rather Kerouac-esque in punctuation. Our promise to our readers has always been that we will publish any opinion that does not foment hatred or bigotry or embrace a Democrat-Republican Party perspective. The below opinion meets that test. (If Ben Franklin writes to me next, though, I’m changing my brand of tobacco.)

One last note: Mr. Adams believes we are precariously near revolution. During Mr. Adams’ time - the original John Adams, that is - only about 20% of Colonialists supported revolt against the Crown.  He also supplied us with this artwork:

Be Proud

Praise and pay homage to the Red or Blue Washington gods that redistribute your nations future wealth as well as your own to the Chinese and Multinational Corporations that control them. Worship the same Red or Blue bureaucrats that brought you blatant and unchecked Banking Fraud, Wall Street Fraud, Crushing Debt, the decline of our nations Industrial base and "To Big To Fail Bailouts". Give allegiance to every skillful word with a smile as they take your personal rights, future, money and freedoms away to fill their pockets. Look on as Democrats as well as Republicans arrogantly pull the most expensive, elaborate and treasonous travesties of justice, political puppet show, day after day on your dime. Clap and cheer for Red or Blue  as they simply point at each other and give your racism, feminism, general hate a voice through the media for your money. As they slip away play golf, vacation and do nothing but undermined your nation to fill their pockets with their Multinational Corporation pimps contributions.   Admire the Multinational Corporations Political Whores with self-defeating broken dysfunction; for the arrogance and skill it takes to be so vial and unworthy.  As to "borrow" Trillions of dollars from China, to fight China's middle east allies that they supply arms to.  As they borrow Trillions from China to create jobs in America and they pay Chinese Multinational Corporations to build bridges in America tax free with Chinese workers.   As they skillfully bailout Multinational Corporations that don't pay fair taxes to America because they have their labor and money in places like China. As they skillfully with a smile pay China for interest on wasting Trillions by trading America's land.   But lets just forget the small things like rampant thievery, misappropriation of funds, undermining the US economy, abetting tax fraud and Treasonous corruption.  Praise the Washington's gods for their token gestures, taxes, protections and services that you pay for in taxes, but it takes a lawyer to acquire when you are truly in need. Above all be proud at the easy they censor and use the media to lull you into embracing the carnage, venting your displaced anger at other American's and truly contributing to the decline of a great nation.  Worshiping Red or Blue Multinational Corporations Political Whores and self defense mechanisms like denial, disbelief, disillusion, hate, dysfunction because of fear is worked so well for our nation. Be Proud, Support And Pay Homage To The Same Red or Blue Multinational Corporations Political Whores & Puppets This Year...


My low cost recommendation is War Gardens and Bartering that worked so well after 1941. Things that work are Community Outreach programs like Neighborhood Watch, Community Gardens, Bartering, Buying Tax Free. Boycotting Chinese & Multinational Corporations Contributors product, Banks and The Dollar. Fruit Tree Food Programs and to Ammo Up.. Marxists like Obama and Soros hate all of these things because they squash Ignorance, Separation, Racism or Thieving Oppressive Bureaucratic Governments like ours. Also I would not waste my time with our money hungry Political Parties they all deserve nothing after the Patriot Act, NDAA, Gun Grab and Indiscriminate Drone Strikes Without Due Process In America. People should know by now after the Bush and Obama bailouts and all this that. Both political parties need to be replaced. Lastly the Muslim Brotherhood, China and Multinational Corporations Contributors need to be taken out of the political process before we lose everything.  

s/John Adams

Not A Democrat, Not A Republican, An American