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9/11 From Day One


From the very first images of the collapse of the Twin Towers something did not seem right. Now, buried beneath a decade of financial disaster and the misery of war on two fronts with more to come, I still question the veracity of the government’s reports regarding the causal nature of the Twin Tower collapse. It all seemed so precise.

Apparently, many others do, too. Some far more learned in the fields of physics and aviation, and that gives me further pause.

Did the 9/11 Commission fully, completely and honestly evaluate the events of that day? Or, was their conclusion pre-scripted? Was it within the scope of the US Government under the radical fundamentalist Christian Bush regime to have predestined or orchestrated the entire event in order to advance his financial, religious, and philosophical ideals?

Probably well within the imaginable. Nothing would astonish most thinking Americans today about our Government.

Interestingly, at you’ll find a list of professionals in a variety of related fields all of whom question the presented reality of 9/11. I reviewed the list and vetted many of the names: they’re all valid professionals in the fields described with CV’s that lend much credibility to their opinions.

You can read their comments and conclusions here at TWF.

Notwithstanding your opinion, the reality remains the same: No sane person could conclude that the people of Iraq or Afghanistan were involved in any way with the Twin Tower collapse. There is no avoiding the guilt we must now carry for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. But worse, what if it was all a lie?